Plan Your Retreat

The [conference] call of the wild

In the vast, undeveloped wilderness of the High Peaks, it can be hard to find the most productive spot for your team. Which is where we come in. Right here, you can choose your ideal location, make all the arrangements, and get informed advice from locals.

Step One: Pick a Hub
Maine High Peaks has built eight strategically located hubs throughout the region. Each is outfitted with high-speed internet and a state-of-the-art meeting space. You can choose your hub location based on the outdoor activity you’re interested in, or vice versa.
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Step TWO: Make Your Plans
Visit our High Peaks Directory for details on all the amenities and adventures that are specific to the hub you’ve chosen – lodging, dining, catering, guide services, activities and more. If you’d like an idea starter, take a look at our Readymade Retreats.
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Step THREE: Consult the Expert
Need advice from someone who’s been there and scaled that? Connect with our High Peaks Concierge, who can help make introductions and recommendations on types of activities, based on season, goals and team size.
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